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Propelling Forward: Financial Empowerment Boot Camp

Propelling Forward is a summer financial literacy boot camp for youth & community members nationwide. Program participants will hear from industry experts on the foundational principles of money management, investing, saving, and more. Propelling Forward's 1-hour virtual financial literacy workshops will meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 pm beginning July 5 & concluding Aug. 4, 2022. For a limited time, registration is FREE. Only 30 spots are available. Register below to change your financial future today!

Propelling Forward Sessions

Money, Mindset, and Behaviors

Through guided reflection participants will unravel how internal and external influences shape money decisions.

The 5 Main Budgeting Systems

A comprehensive overview of effective budgeting systems will support participants in establishing SMART financial goals and sticking to them.

Saving and Investing

Through practice-based learning participants will learn about saving & investing options and their overall risk levels.

Credit and Debt

Through in-depth coverage participants will explore the world of credit and debt. They will build a stronger understanding of interest rates and how to make intelligent money decisions.