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Common Questions

Besides financial assistance for college, are there any other program benefits?

Propel Scholars Award support students on their pathway to building wealth for years to come through Propelling Forward, the summer financial literacy program. Program participants will learn the foundational principles to money management, credit-building practices and receive an introduction to investing. This financial literacy workshop is free for scholarship recipients and designed to introduce or re-orientate students to establishing multiple income streams and making smart money choices.

How much is the PSA Scholarship Awarding?

PSA will award $2,500 in renewable funds to selected winners. This scholarship is renewed for students who annually participate in PSA's financial literacy workshops, meet the academic requirement of maintaining a 2.5 cumulative GPA, enroll in at least part-time in courses, and  annually complete 50 hrs. of community service in their hometown or any other struggling community.

Why do students have to complete community service and participate in a financial literacy program to receive renewable scholarship funds?

We believe changing the economic condition of low-income students cannot be achieved by providing access to college alone. Financial literacy coupled with the moral act of giving and serving are grounded in research and endorsed in practice as game-changers for students striving to escape the clasp of poverty. PSA desires to promote participants' financial and moral development to nurture civic and global leaders and help build strong communities.

When Can I Apply?

The Propel Scholars Award Application for 2023 will not open due to a shortfall in funding.

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